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Bankruptcy Forms Part III


Application for Compensation

Application to Defer Payment of Fee

Application to Deposit Unclaimed Funds

Application to Employ/Retain

Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments

Application to Proceed In forma pauperis

Application to Set Officers' Salary

Application/Motion for Authority

Application/Motion for Writ

Application/Motion/Request for Payment of Administrative Expenses

Motion Objecting to Discharge (Rule 4004(c) & 7001(4) effective 12/1/2010)

Motion and Notice of Compromise of Controversy

Motion for 2004 Examination

Motion for Abstention Under Section 305

Motion for Access to Tax Documents

Motion for Accounting

Motion for Additional Redactions to Transcript

Motion for Adequate Protection (not for use w/motion for relief w/alternative request for adeq. prot

Motion for Approval

Motion for Approval of Reaffirmation Agreement

Motion for Approval of Stipulation

Motion for Contempt

Motion for Cramdown/1129(b)

Motion for Damages for Creditor Misconduct

Motion for Disqualification

Motion for Entry of Default

Motion for Exemption from Completion of Financial Management Course

Motion for Exemption from Credit Counseling

Motion for Exemption from Means Test

Motion for Final Decree

Motion for Final Judgment

Motion for Hardship Discharge

Motion for Joint Administration

Motion for Leave to Appeal

Motion for Leave to Withdraw

Motion for Limited Admissions

Motion for Moratorium

Motion for More Definite Statement

Motion for Order Confirming Absence or Termination of Automatic Stay

Motion for Order to Show Cause

Motion for Payment of Unclaimed Funds

Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Motion for Protective Order

Motion for Reconsideration (Want of Service of Process)

Motion for Referral to Mortgage Modification Mediation - Chapter 13 (Orlando Only)

Motion for Rehearing

Motion for Reinstatement of Retiree Benefits

Motion for Relief from Co-Debtor Stay

Motion for Relief from Stay (not for amended motions)

Motion for Relief from Stay - Final/Default (no fee)

Motion for Remand

Motion for Removal of Debtor as Debtor in Possession

Motion for Sanctions

Motion for Second Disbursement of Funds

Motion for Stay Pending Appeal

Motion for Substitution of Counsel

Motion for Summary Judgment

Motion for Temporary Restraining Order

Motion for Turnover (Do Not Use for Turnover of Property)

Motion for Turnover of Property

Motion for Wage Deduction

Motion for Withdrawal - (Pleadings)

Motion for Withdrawal of Reference

Motion to Abandon Real Property - Tampa & Ft Myers Division

Motion to Abate

Motion to Administratively Close Individual Chapter 11 Case

Motion to Administratively Reopen Individual Chapter 11 Case to Obtain Discharge and Final Decree

Motion to Allow

Motion to Allow Claim(s) OR Motion to Allow Late Filed Claim(s)

Motion to Allow Payment Arrearages

Motion to Amend

Motion to Appear Telephonically at Court Hearing

Motion to Appear pro hac vice

Motion to Appoint Creditors' Committee

Motion to Appoint Trustee

Motion to Approve Compromise of Controversy

Motion to Assume or Reject Lease/Executory Contract

Motion to Avoid Lien on Household Goods 522(f)(1)(B)(i)

Motion to Avoid Other Liens

Motion to Borrow

Motion to Cancel Meeting of Creditors

Motion to Compel (Do not use for motion to compel turnover)

Motion to Compel Abandonment

Motion to Consolidate Cases (docket in the lead case)

Motion to Consolidate Contested Matters

Motion to Consolidate for Trial

Motion to Continue Meeting of Creditors

Motion to Continue/Reschedule Hearing

Motion to Convert Case to Chapter 11

Motion to Convert Case to Chapter 12

Motion to Convert Case to Chapter 13

Motion to Convert Case to Chapter 7

Motion to Deconsolidate Case Association

Motion to Delay Discharge

Motion to Deposit Funds into Court Registry

Motion to Determine Secured Status (and strip lien if applicable)

Motion to Determine Tax Liability

Motion to Direct Employer to Forward Earnings - Jacksonville

Motion to Disallow Claims

Motion to Disburse Returned Funds

Motion to Dismiss Case

Motion to Dismiss Party

Motion to Dismiss/Withdraw Document

Motion to Dispense with Notice/Service

Motion to Excuse Appearance at 341 Meeting

Motion to Expedite Hearing

Motion to Expunge

Motion to Extend Automatic Stay

Motion to Extend Deadline to File Schedules or Provide Required Information

Motion to Extend Exclusivity Period

Motion to Extend Plan Payments

Motion to Extend Time

Motion to Extend Time for Credit Counseling

Motion to Extend Time to Appeal

Motion to Impose Automatic Stay

Motion to Increase Assurance Payment

Motion to Intervene

Motion to Limit Notice

Motion to Make Direct Payments to Secured Creditor

Motion to Make Payments Outside the Plan

Motion to Modify (DO NOT use for Modification of Confirmed Plan)

Motion to Modify Confirmed Plan

Motion to Obtain Credit

Motion to Operate Business

Motion to Prohibit Use of Cash Collateral

Motion to Quash

Motion to Reclassify Claims

Motion to Reconvert Case

Motion to Recuse Judge

Motion to Redact Information

Motion to Redeem

Motion to Reinstate Case

Motion to Reject (DO NOT USE for rejection of lease or executory contract)

Motion to Release Rent Deposit

Motion to Reopen Chapter 11 Case

Motion to Reopen Chapter 12 Case

Motion to Reopen Chapter 13 Case

Motion to Reopen Chapter 15 Case

Motion to Reopen Chapter 7 Case

Motion to Require Debtor to File Plan

Motion to Restrict Public Access

Motion to Seal

Motion to Sell

Motion to Set Aside

Motion to Set Hearing

Motion to Set Last Day to File Proofs of Claim

Motion to Sever Chapter 11 Case

Motion to Sever Chapter 12 Case

Motion to Sever Chapter 13 Case

Motion to Sever Chapter 7 Case

Motion to Shorten Time

Motion to Stay

Motion to Strike

Motion to Strip Lien and for Determination that Claim is Unsecured - ORLANDO ONLY

Motion to Suspend Payments

Motion to Transfer Case (Another DISTRICT)

Motion to Transfer Case (Another DIVISION)

Motion to Use Cash Collateral

Motion to Vacate

Motion to Vacate Discharge

Motion to Value

Motion to Waive Notice

Motion to Waive Pay Order

Motion to Withdraw as Counsel

Motion/Application to Pay

Objection to Claim

Objection to Debtor's Claim of Exemptions

Ore Tenus Motion (court use only)

Z - Amended Application (use only when there is no specific motion event)

Z - Amended Motion (use only when there is no specific motion event)

Z - Generic Application (use only when there is no specific motion event)

Z - Generic Motion (use only when there is no specific motion event)

Z - Generic Motion Two Part (use only when there is no specific motion event)

Z - Motion and Order (generic) (use only when there is no specific motion event)


Notice (DO NOT USE for appearances)

Notice Appointing Successor Trustee

Notice Appointing Trustee

Notice Of Abandonment

Notice Of Abandonment with Negative Notice

Notice Of Additional Creditors Re: Purchase of Tax Liens

Notice Of Amendment to Confirmed Plan

Notice Of Appearance and Request for Notice

Notice Of Appearance for Limited Purpose [DO NOT USE if you wish to receive notices]

Notice Of Change of Address - Debtor

Notice Of Change of Address - Party

Notice Of Compliance

Notice Of Compromise of Controversy

Notice Of Continued/Rescheduled Section 341(a) Meeting

Notice Of Conversion (voluntary)

Notice Of Deposition

Notice Of Dismissal (voluntary)

Notice Of Filing

Notice Of Foreign Representative's Intent to Commence Case

Notice Of Hearing

Notice Of Intent to Compromise

Notice Of Intent to Cure Default

Notice Of Intent to Request Redaction of Transcript

Notice Of Intent to Sell

Notice Of Override of Preferred Address

Notice Of Sale

Notice Of Substitution of Counsel

Notice Of Taking Depositions

Notice Of Withdrawal from Case and Request to Stop Electronic Notice

Notice Of Withdrawal of Pleadings

Proposed Order - Judge Funk Only

Request for Notice


Plans, Disclosure Statements and Related Matters


Amended Chapter 12 Plan

Amended Chapter 13 Plan

Ballot Tabulation

Certificate of Substantial Consummation

Chapter 11 Plan (Original plan only)

Chapter 12 Plan (Original plan only)

Chapter 13 Plan (Original plan only)

Chapter 13 Plan with Service via BNC (Court Users Only)

Chapter 9 Plan

Confirmed Plan Status Report

Disclosure Statement

Disclosure Statement (Amended, Addendum to, etc.)

Modified Confirmed Chapter 11 Plan

Modified Confirmed Chapter 12 Plan

Modified Confirmed Chapter 13 Plan

Objection to Confirmation of Plan

Objection to Disclosure Statement

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